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Pilgrims' Friend Society


48 Bedrooms


Cornfields, Chippenham

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About Middlefields House Care Home

Middlefields House Care Home located in Chippenham, offers high quality care for up to 48 residents include those with dementia and respite care to those who need it. The home ensures every resident is provided with a thoughtfully, highly detailed care plan which is easy to understand and covers everything for them.

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Middlefields House provides high quality and personalised care for residents ages 65 and over, including those with dementia and respite care when required, and end-of-life care. All bedrooms at Middlefields House come with their own en-suite. All bedrooms are fully furnished and designed to encourage residents to personalise with their own belongings and personal touches.

The home has a humble, family feel throughout and is built in four households of 12 people. Each household is designed to replicate a family home with a lounge, dining area and second lounge. Residents can also enjoy the outdoors in the communal space which includes a winter garden. Residents at Middlefields House can expect an active social life with a programme of activities in and out the home. Activities are optional and if preferred residents can enjoy quiet times in many of the lounge areas.

The home also supports the spiritual lives of residents. Local churches and Christians support the home encouraging those of Christian faith in their spiritual journey. A dedicated, well structured care plan is thoughtfully put together for each resident which considers the persons personal care requirements, social interests, personal relationships, hobbies, and emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs.

Opera was chosen to provide Middlefields House with 48 profiling beds and mattresses for the bedrooms within the home. The Signature Upholstered in Oak wood finish were the perfect bed to cater for a wide variety of residential care needs. The custom upholstery allowed the design team to customsie the beds to tie in with the family home atmosphere and design. To go with the beds, the premium overbed tables were chosen which perfectly match the finish of the beds. The Opera Serene High-Risk mattress was chosen which delivers advanced pressure relief through its supportive foam, whilst giving comfort to residents for a great night’s sleep.

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