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About Loveday Kensington

Presented by the celebrated company Loveday & Co., Loveday Kensington is a magnificent luxury care home nestled in the serene surroundings of Kensington Square. Here, residents can experience exceptional care, convenience, and luxury that rivals that of a 5-star hotel.

Life at Loveday Kensington

A unique feature of Loveday Kensington is the cutting-edge interior that’s specifically designed to be dementia friendly. The home uses state-of-the-art technology to support and enhance the quality of life for members under their care.

The care team at the home is made up of highly skilled, compassionate and caring staff who have been handpicked by the industry-leading General Manager. The caregiver-to-member ratio, also industry-leading, allows every member to receive the best possible care and experiences.

The home provides luxury living at its finest. As well as a trendy roof-top terrace café which overlooks the garden, the home has a wealth of spectacular facilities which include: • Luxurious private dining and events room for exclusive use • Delicious and nutritious food prepared by award-winning chefs • Elegant cinema and library room • Studio and activities room with daily events • Lavish spa and beauty salon

Offering 40 elegant suites of different sizes and styles, those who enjoy living at Loveday Kensington can expect beautiful surroundings and premium amenities. Every suite combines classical, mid-century, and contemporary styling where residents can enjoy a high-class living in a beautiful environment.

There are 33 suites available at Loveday Kensington, each comes fully furnished for residents to experience a luxurious home away from home. Each suite is furnished to the highest standards and designed to ease everyday life for those with ageing and health-related conditions.

Opera was the chosen supplier for the nursing beds within the suites at Loveday Kensington. A mix of The Solo Comfort and Solo Comfort Plus were installed by our team in both the 4ft 6 and 4ft size. Both nursing beds offer advanced functionality due to the ultra-low floor height, perfect for catering to vulnerable residents with dementia. Meanwhile, the Solo Comfort and Comfort Plus have full height adjustment where the bed raises to waist level. This provides a safe working height for care staff and helps prevent injury.

The telescopic side rails of the Solo Comfort Plus provide added stability to those with limited mobility, as the rails double up as a grab rail. Furthermore, the rails have a three-part design, allowing them to be raised or lowered to suit the needs of the user. The rails provide extra peace of mind without the feeling of entrapment. To create a truly unique and luxurious feel, we used bespoke headboards and premium Sunbury velvet upholstery, all chosen by the home’s design team. This ensured the beds seamlessly matched the gorgeous interiors of Loveday Kensington and allowed residents to enjoy their homes and address current and future care needs.

The mattresses chosen were the Impulse Hybrid Pressure Care Mattress which offers a step-up, step-down functionality. Providing an effective and comfortable solution for high-risk residents, the Impulse hybrid uses advanced technology for ultimate pressure relief and prevention. For the finishing touch, premium overbed tables were chosen for each suite. Also, height adjustable, they are the perfect accessory that balances practicality and provides an easily accessible surface.

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