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About Brinsworth House

Set over three acres of land is the beautiful mansion of Brinsworth House. On the outskirts of Twickenham, Brinsworth House is the home of retired artists and those who spent their lives serving the entertainment industry.

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Built in 1850, the home is owned by the Royal Variety Charity, which devotes its resources to helping entertainers from all walks of life. Brainsworth House is a fully equipped nursing and residential care home, with dedicated staff to care and support for each resident.

The home has 40 bedrooms, six separate living areas, plus an entertainment area with a stage and bar, library, salon, and more. Throughout Brainsworth House the décor emphasizes of its theatrical lineage, allowing its ethos to remain. The care team at Brainsworth House is made up of highly trained nurses, care assistants, and residents who ensure residents are well cared for and enjoy a place of safety, peace, happiness, and tranquillity.

Opera was the supplier of choice for the development of a new 16-bed wing at Brinsworth House. The bedrooms all received several upgrades which included en-suite bathrooms, fibre broadband and digital screens – adding a boutique hotel feel to the bedrooms.

Opera supplied 16 Solo Comfort Plus profiling beds for the renovated wing at Brinsworth House, all of which were upholstered in Sisal leather with elegant Pearl headboards. The Solo features an all-in-one height range, allowing the bed to raise up to waist level and lower close to the ground. Raising the bed up to waist level helps carers facilitate on bed care whilst reducing back strain from excessive bending. Meanwhile, the ultra-low floor level makes it easier for residents to get in and out of bed. It also helps reduce the risk of bed falls and injuries for vulnerable residents with Dementia or other conditions that put them at risk.

The leather upholstery compliments the grand and quality-finish of the bedrooms, whilst being wipable for easy maintenance. The Solo also has an integrated length extension that accommodates taller residents by providing an additional 20cm. The split side rails help to prevent bed falls whilst allowing easy access to the bed.

The Impulse Hybrid Mattresses were selected to accompany the profiling beds at Brainsworth House. The Impulse pressure care mattress is an ideal choice to prevent and treat pressure sores for high-risk users. The three-zone lying surface delivers optimum levels of user comfort and pressure relief. With an adjustable firmness setting on the pump unit, the mattress can be tailored to residents' preferences and pressure care plans. Meanwhile, the advanced air pressure pump features auto-weigh technology which responds to user weight to apply the optimum level of airflow through the mattress.

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