Opera in Collaboration with Tissue Viability Expert

Introducing Joy Tickle, A leading Independent Tissue Viability Expert in collaboration with Opera and supporting care providers.

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Joy Tickle, A leading independent Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant with over 35 years’ experience working within the NHS and community. 

Joy has a wealth of experience within pressure care and tissue viability has previously worked as tissue viability specialist for Shropshire community NHS trust for 27 years. Currently, Joy is supporting the Isle of Wight NHS trust in the implementation of a Tissue Viability Service.

Joy has written and co-written many clinical publications and guidelines in relation to tissue viability and has also been a specialist advisor on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. 

Joy Tickle in Partnership with Opera

Joy has worked closely with the Opera care home team, giving her clinical guidance and assessment whilst sharing best practices, all of which contribute to making our products the best they can be and supporting our customers and care providers.

Support Services for Care Providers

Opera’s partnership with Joy means we can continue to support our care home providers with a focus on tissue viability and sharing best practices. Joy’s extensive experience and clinical expertise has led to the development of an exclusive range of support services for our care providers which includes:

• Clinical advice and recommendations
• Training sessions (virtual and in-house)
• Helpful tools and resources

From individual resident cases, or approach to tissue viability, our support services can be tailored around your care requirements and desired outcomes.

 Get in touch with us to get started, call 0333 222 8584 to speak with our dedicated care home team or email sales@operabeds.com for more information.

Latest clinical reviews of our products

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